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Details: Helen

07796 124471
A compact flat near Kensington tube station
Town / City:
Kensington - W8
Opening hours:
Most of the time by appointment
Basic cost:
£200 for 1 hour
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

A confusing lady, indeed one of the most confusing I have come across anywhere, since she claims to be French Moroccan, yet other reviews of her have indicated she is either English and Romanian. Furthermore reviews of her have indicated she is based anywhere from Hammersmith to Kensington High Street. What is clear is she can deliver a reasonable service, but does not always do so, and so all I can suggest is if you wish to see her, and she is clearly both petite and attractive, is to play it very carefully not parting with any money until you are sure you are alone with her. Though my personal recommendation is that she is just too chancy a lady to waste time or money on.

An attractive slim petite lady in her twenties

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