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What Makes a Good London Escort Directory?

There is an abundance of Escort directories advertising beautiful ladies, who work in and around the London area. However, finding the right escort directory can be somewhat of a minefield. There are a few and very important things to take into consideration.

The legitimacy of escort adverts (Are the Escorts who they say they are?)

A good directory will always make sure that the ladies who are advertising on their site are as legitimate as possible. There are no two ways about it. There are certain things that are exaggerated such as the age of the escort. This can mean that an escort is a little bit younger than her actual age. The accuracy of the images can also be questioned. You can find many amazing images online representing Escorts. However, the trend of photo-shopping images to remove blemishes, lines and wrinkles and excess weight has been going on for many years. And, many escorts feel that they have to conform to these photoshopped image standards.

So what do we do at Escort Elite directory to help resolve this?

We simply check! Independent escorts are always asked for a photo ID and or a natural photo without filters or any photoshopping. We cross-reference the photo ID to the pictures which have been sent by the escort to make sure that they are not so far removed from the Photo ID and natural photo which has been sent in. Additionally, we do not want anybody else's photos up there. Recently, we have noticed an increase in the number of scammers trying to take money from clients. They do this by posing as legitimate Escort's when in fact they are not. We weed out any scammers and believe us, there are a lot out there. It’s not only escorts who create fake profiles but also individuals who are just out there to scam you for your money.

High standard Beautiful Escorts

We only accept a certain calibre of Ladies on our Escort Elite directory. Additionally, ladies are welcome to apply to be on our directory if they live and work in London or are on the very outskirts of London. We pride ourselves on listing only the most beautiful London Escorts Reviews. Whilst every lady who advertises with us has something different to offer, we do make sure that our girls are truly beautiful. Unfortunately, we do reject applications of escorts which we believe will not be suitable for our clients. Only the best will do.

Available and actively working Escorts

We are in constant contact with the London Escorts who advertise with us. It's important that any ladies who have active profiles on our London Escort directory are contacted every three months to ensure that they are still working and actively searching for dates. This ensures that our website is up-to-date so you will not find yourself disappointed because an escort's telephone number is not in use or she is no longer offering her GFE services.

More value for your money

On average, our London escort girls charge £200 an hour. This places our beautiful ladies right in the middle to low-end price range for London Escorts. These beautiful London escorts have a large menu. One of the most popular items on the menu is GFE. Gentlemen are absolutely craving the attention of the more kinky escort. Light domination and pegging are the two most popular services offered by our girls. These activities seem to be popular among both clients and our London escorts. Private dancing and kinky underwear should be requested as the hors d’oeuvres. A light erotic massage followed by GFE. The London escorts who advertise with Escort Elite directory offer extra services. If there is a particular service that you require and it’s not listed on the Escort profile, simply send a message and ask for your favourite sexual service or kink.

Working hard for you

Everything we do is to make our clients’ lives easier and to find escorts in the London area which we hope will satisfy their every need. There are contact details on the very homepage of the website and we are always delighted when the client calls us to inquire about a specific lady. Equally, we want to hear all suggestions regarding our business. This being said, we look forward to receiving any suggestions for improvements so we can make our escort Elite directory better.