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The aim of the McCoy's Guide website is to provide for all visitors to the site details of all the most notable providers of adult services in the English speaking world and in particular in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America, whether they are individual escorts, massage parlours, escort agencies or exponents of the various varieties of corrective services, together with basic reviews of them including a one to five star rating indicating their competence, as well as details of where and when and how extensive the services are that they offer as well as how well and often they have been reviewed on all the many review sites operating on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

You can make your entry more visible by making it a "featured entry". This will make sure your entry always features above the other free entries of your kind and in your area. So for example if you are an escort working in Manchester, were your entry featured it would be seen above and before all the other escorts and entries in Manchester, Greater Manchester and the North West.

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