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Review guidelines

  1. You must signup for a free account before submitting a review. A username is required so we may credit your reviews and keep others from posting their own material under your name. A username also protects your anonymity and reputation. 
  2. Be fair and honest in your reviews. This is what the providers do for a living. We will not post any review that slams or denigrates a provider with offensive language, nor will we post reviews that contain such derogatory terms such as: cunt, bitch, slut, slag or any politically inappropriate wording that might hurt someone's feelings.
  3. If you’re adding a new provider to the site, you must provide proof of the provider in question. This can be done by providing a link to their personal website, the website of the parlour or agency they work for, or a link to their profile on an advertising site, such as Adultwork, or Blonde Escorts.
  4. When adding a new provider, please provide as many contact details are possible, although if the provider does not want their personal telephone number or email address shared, please respect that decision.
  5. Each review must recount a visit that took place within the last 1 months in order to be up-to-date. A lot can change with a provider - even in this relatively short amount of time.
  6. When writing your review, make sure to accurately describe the provider and the encounter. Do not repeat yourself and make sure you provide your own unique point of view. Remember; your opinion matters! The review should be at least a couple of paragraphs, the longer and more detailed, the better!
  7. Reviews cannot be submitted by the provider (self-review) or submitted by anyone directly related to the provider (E.g. husband, brother, roommate, other provider, etc.). Reviews cannot be submitted from the provider's computer. The profile of the lady will be deleted if we find this has happened.
  8. The review becomes the property of McCoy's Guides.
  9. We are not obligated to post any review and we consider all reviews to be fictional stories that are posted by McCoy's Guides solely for entertainment purposes.
  10. Reviews must be well written; Using ALL CAPS, txt spk, bad speeling or grammar will make your review less likely to be considered for publication.