Some time ago Goddess Cleo, a very notable Australian lady indicated she wanted to personally demonstrate to me her corrective talents and in those circumstances, how could I refuse her? Meanwhile I also found myself in communaication with a dominatrix new to London, though not to her calling, an Italian lady from Venice by the name of Madam Helle. So I found myself with two interesting appointments lined up for me on this trip to London.

My first was with Goddess Cleo, but since I was due there at 2pm, this gave me adequate time to check out a new parlour, Kelly's Angels of Dagenham. As I suppose is quite often the case, when I got there I found the person running it was someone I knew well already, Nikki, who use to run Nikki's of Basildon. The flat, not far from Dagenham East tube station had some attractive ladies in attendence and it was great seeing Nikki again. I was also introduced to a delightful lady by the name of Jessica, who spends a lot of her time working independently from a flat in the Farringdon area of London. I must get around to creating an entry for her. It also turned out that the other lady there that day had met me in Aylesbury at Supremes some time ago and she was not even English.

I now headed over to Asda in Dagenham to fill up with diesel and had problems galore, with two pumps out of diesel after I had ignored the first pump I went to because it did not come up with automatic receipts. Going back to the first pump, I filled up and then had to ask the assistant at the check out for a receipt. It was now getting a bit late to get to Goddess Cleo on time. So I rung her and she was very accommodating. Eventually I got to where I needed to park the car around 2.10 and then after following her instructions I arrived at her pad, a modern flat in a converted Victorian building. The Goddess is a no nonsense lady, who does not like to be taken for granted and who will soon let you know if you start to take liberties, which I have to admit I am inclined to do. She came up with a fascinating session, which involved roleplay, and which was going very well until I started feeling faint, but Goddess Cleo is a real pro and handled the situation extremely well. This lady is clearly an expert at what she does and her domina parties, must be the events to attend in London these days.

The car was behaving a bit peculiarly with a warning light on, but I got on to the ring road and around to the Westway without too much trouble and then headed off to Asda in Park Royal, where I got some food. My next call was on Greenford Massage, a flat over a chemist's in Greenford Rd., which would appear to have replaced Molly's, which was on the other side of the road and much nearer the A40. Curiously the lady in charge there had known Mary Daley, whom I have often wondered whether she was related to Josie, the lady who controlled so many walk ups in Soho and who had a magnificent funeral back in 1998. Sixteen years after she died, for the first time yet, I found myself meeting someone who knew her. It's a small world, that I occupy.

By now I had learnt that I was being redirected to another Travelodge for the night, in Cranford, rather than in the Eastbound Heston service area. Getting there after a roundabout route, which took me through the outskirts of Heathrow airport, I at least had no problems with parking charges here, as I had had before, when I booked this hotel directly and I got a free breakfast for good measure. I now heade dover to the last new parlour I needed to check out, Mile High Ladies in Longford. Unlike the last private establishment, I had visited in this village, which occupied a flat, Mile High Ladies occupies a quite imposing detached house, bbut I was not made welcome and so headed back to the hotel and got a good night's rest.

The following morning I headed into West London to the London Fetish Studio, a very popular dungeon used by numerous ladies. It was my first experience of the dungeon and while compact, it included practically every form of equipment one could reasonably expect to use. I was there to meet up with Madam Helle, an Italian lady from Venice, who is still getting to grips with how she can operate here. Nevertheless, her manner was very different from Goddess Cleo, but no less imposing despite that and after the session, I was introduced to the proprietor of the dungeon. On this occasion I lasted the entire time, Madam Helle making sure I knew my place and not standing for any nonsense on my part. I would think any potential slave who is looking for an introduction to being submissive would find her the ideal choice, though her English is not always as clear as it might be, though I feel sure it will improve with time.

The only thing left for me to do now was to venture over to Islington and meet up with Michael Beilinson of Transparent Televison, who are busy putting together a programme for Channel 4 about older working ladies. I had already put them in contact with City Sauna in Sheffield, who had a few ladies suitable and Michael had already been up and met them and was now preparing to go up again for more filming. I gave him a long and I think successful interview. I drew two interesting parallels,1. Between the myth of vast numbers of trafficked women and the myth of the weapons of mass distruction in Iraq and 2. That we all break the law, just think how many of us have not notified the authorities of the presence of grey squirrels in our back gardens, thereby leaving us open to a £5 penalty, until the law was abolished a few days ago.

And it now look as though I will again be heading up to Sheffield for some filming. I will be very disappointed if I do not appear on Channel 4 in either this programme of the Rupert Everett one. I obviously enjoyed giving the interview and captivated Michael with my reasoning so much, that I walked out with the microphone clipped to my jacket and I had got to Highbury Corner before he rang me, so that delayed by a half an hour or so, but with no more delays, I got back home in reasonable time.

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