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Tori Parker

Details: Tori Parker

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Outcalls in either Milwaukee or Madison
Town / City:
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Basic cost:
$600 for 2 hours
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McCoy's View:

A lady who has aged gracefully, still despite her age boasting a superb body, Tori is of Mediterranean ethnicity, and so long as one sticks to the olive oil and one does not overdo the pizza, one can maintain an attractive body and that is what this beauty has clearly done. She has been entertaining since 2012 and has the odd female friend, she can bring along if required. But one would be silly doing so, since she is a lady who should be savoured alone. She has had quite a life and is almost as fascinating simply to talk with as to engaging in any other activity. However she knows well how to arouse her clients and then is just as good at satisfying them so long as they are looking for it to be done in a reasonable manner. In particular she boasts awesome oral talent and so long as she can keep her body in good shape, will remain one of the state's best working ladies.

A slim fit raven-haired lady in her forties

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