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McCoy's Street Plan for Men - Birmingham

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Published in 2005 and measuring 2ft by 16 in. when folded out, the McCoy's Street Plan for Men to Birmingham covers on its main side, which incorporates a blown up map of Birmingham city centre, the locations of all the 24 massage parlours, 11 lapdancing and striptease establishments, 4 adult cinemas, 3 gay saunas, 5 swinging clubs and 17 sex shops in the Greater Birmingham area, with each establishment labelled appropriately with a coloured dot for the type of establishment and an appropriate cartoon indicating the quality of the establishment. The map stretches from Wolverhampton to South Birmingham, from Halesown to Sutton Coldfield and is the handy guide to adult services particularly for men using such services throughout the Greater Birmingham and Black Country area. On the reverse side are all the details of addresses, hours, as well as descriptions of the establishment and what one will find there, as well as contact and website details and for the parlours overall star ratings.