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McCoy's Guide to Corrective Services No.2

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Published in November 2012, the first edition having been published back in 2007, the McCoy's Guide to Corrective Services No.2. runs to 288 pages and has over five hundred and sixty entries covering dominatrixes, houses of domination, submissives and switches and massage parlours with dungeons located throughout Great Britain and the Irish Republic, where all the entries are in Dublin. There are entries everywhere from the Highlands of Scotland to West Cornwall, from Glasgow to Margate, from Swansea to Norwich.

There are plenty of entries from all the major cities including particularly extensive sections on London, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham, but all the major centres are covered, and there are also plenty of listings in areas as varied as Bristol, Berkshire, Derbyshire, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, Merseyside, Nottinghamshire, Surrey, South and West Yorkshire, as well as both Cardiff and Newport in South Wales.

Extensively researched, every entry, all of which are star rated, features contact details, as well as details of the lady or establishment's principle location, prices, opening hours, details of the ladies, premises and facilities, as well as extensive comments on the lady or establishment's reputation and how well one can expect be treated there.

This is a must have book if you are into corrective services, whether it is in taking a dominant or submissive role.