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Sarah Brown

Details: Sarah Brown

07495 501676
A discreet ground floor flat in South Harrow
Town / City:
Opening hours:
Most of the time when not at her regular job
Basic cost:
£150 for 30 mins
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McCoy's View:

A curious case of a lady who has been entertaining since 2017, but with hardly any reviews, and then whilst at first it would appear she has had two on UK Punting, they are identical & from the same gentleman and then her lone posting of comments on her performance on Adultwork is not available for anyone to look at, so it is difficult to be very objective, except to say if you have a thing about large African ladies, she certainly fits that category, though how good or bad at what she does it is very difficult to say. Her one review was not very complimentary, though on the other hand, it is clear she can be pretty energetic despite her size. Furthermore it would appear that she also has a day job as a nurse, though it is unclear which London hospital she works at!

A very large black lady in her fifties

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