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07765 491705
A discreet flat in Leith
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£50 for 30 mins
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McCoy's View:

Entertaining from a location that is not always easy to find, Meg may be Polish, but her English is excellent. Her massages are also very good, both from the massage point of view and with a view to how erotically satisfying she can be. And once the financial formalities have been concluded, she is more than happy to strip off completely. A large lady but not fat, she knows just how to arouse and satisfy, without allowing her client to take undue liberties, though she is always charming in the manner with which she deals with any excessive familiarity on any of her clients' part. But primarily, she wants her clients to enjoy the session and if an erotic massage is all you are looking for, she is as good as it gets.

An attractive very tall large brunette in her early forties

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