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Details: Maya

07477 610611
A terraced house in the Fernhill area of Rutherglen
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Basic cost:
£60 for 30 mins
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McCoy's View:

Maya is a mature woman, but one who has aged well and who does her best to please, but who also enjoys the sound of her own voice, cannot really stop talking and unfortunately has little if anything of interest to say. That said, she is a very amiable lady, who can eventually come up with quite a decent service, but she also seems to want to give you a massage, having done a course in massage and that part of her service, when coupled with her incessant chatter can become somewhat wearing, but if you can get her to cut to the quick and get on with the main purpose of your appointment, she can come up with a decent service. You have simply got to take no nonsense from her.

A petite busty blonde in her forties

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