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Lucy Meadows

Details: Lucy Meadows

07545 724981
A pleasant apartment not far from Morrison's
Town / City:
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Basic cost:
£60 for 15 mins
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McCoy's View:

A competent enough lady, who knows what to do and who delivers a reasonably enjoyable service, Lucy's reviews are however very mixed and she is clearly a Marmite lady, i.e. you either think she's great or you do not, few clients are indifferent. And she certainly knows what is expected of her and delivers, being quite an amiable lady, who can even come up with domination if that whets your whistle and she entertains from a nice enough location with conventient parking. However whether you will find her enjoyable is either down to your personal taste or in the lap of the gods.

A busty long haired blonde in her late twenties

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