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Livia Fox

Details: Livia Fox

07984 601890
A discreet top floor flat in the town
Town / City:
Great Yarmouth
Opening hours:
Most of the time by appointment
Basic cost:
£50 for 15 mins
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

Now based in Great Yarmouth but initially touring quite a bit, Livia has been entertaining since 2013 and in that short time has built up quite a fan club. She indicates she is from Brazil, but clients have indicated they think she is probably an East European of some kind, but wherever she comes from, she delivers a full on, very energetic service and once the financial details have been completed, she gets on with the job, making sure practically each and every client, leaves exhausted but with a smile on his face having been given the time of his life, which has probably rendered him unable to do much more work that day, the only service she rules out being A-levels.

An attractive slim fit blonde in her thirties

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