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Layya Wells

Details: Layya Wells

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(001) 562 888 1714
Discreet hotel rooms wherever
Town / City:
Los Angeles
Opening hours:
Most of the time by appointment
Basic cost:
$400 for 2 hours
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

At one time based in nearby Buena Park, Layya is a versatile lady, up for most reasonable services, including Greek services and swallowing at the conclusion of an intimate oral service, and has been an active part of the L.A. scene since 2015. Indeed she has been so active over recent years, she has almost achieved mythic status as a lady not be missed. It is probably the case that she has not quite made it to five star status, not because of any shortcomings in the services she provides but simply because she is no longer as young and beautiful, as she no doubt once was.

An amiable brunette of average build in her late forties

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