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Details: Lacy

07778 311635
An upmarket apartment by the canal not far from Waitrose
Town / City:
Opening hours:
Odd days from 9am until 8pm
Basic cost:
£40 for 30 mins
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

A large well built lady, but one who even assuming you see her, and she is fairly unreliable, her hours varying markedly from day to day and from week to week, Lacy hardly comes up with that wonderful a service. Her massage is good, but any extras, even manual relief are simply not worth paying for, since she clearly feels uncomfortable delivering such services, which renders them frankly not worth bothering about. However, if you are after a massage and nothing else, she can deliver a reasonably worthwhile service if you can arrange an appointment.

A large very busty blonde in her early thirties

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