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Details: Kerri

07477 507887
Discreet outdoor location in Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire
Town / City:
Opening hours:
Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Basic cost:
£50 for 15 mins
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McCoy's View:

Definitely a lady for those who are looking for a service that is a bit different, Kerry is a lady who you should only aim at seeing when it is summer and the weather is fine, warm and dry, since this lady has another moniker under which she works, "The Naked Girl" and she particularly enjoys & encourages her clients to enjoy outdoor sessions with her. She knows where to go, so you do not get bothered, but this takes up a fair bit of the time you are paying for. Nevertheless, given she is in her late thirties, she still boasts a pretty decent body and comes up with a more than satisfactory experience, though a fair bit of the time you are paying for involves travel to a discreet location, so while an interesting service to try the once, even her most exuberant fans, understand, she is probably only worth seeing the odd time.

A slim yet shapely raven-haired lady in her late thirties.

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