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Details: Jodie

07437 846089
A discreet shared flat in a pleasant block in London Colney
Town / City:
St. Albans
Opening hours:
Alternate half hours during the day
Basic cost:
£40 for 15 mins
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

Sharing the flat with another working lady, hence the unusual hours availability, Jodie is a mature lady, but one still in good shape and by dint of her age, well experienced regarding what she might be expected to do and fairly relaxed about coming up with most services, though none can be experienced intimately and she rules out providing an A-level service. However, she is a very amiable lady, who wants to satisfy her clients and boasts a delightfully relaxed manner, which always helps to dissipate any feeeling of concern on the part of her clients. A dependable lady within her limits.

A lady in her fifties, still boasting an attractive body.

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