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Details: Gigi

07432 211265
A first floor discreet flat not far from the local ASDA
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£150 for 30 mins
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A pricey lady, but one boasting a simply delightful body, which she knows very well how to use to maximum effect on her clients, Gigi knows very well how attractive she is and charges accordingly, but from all accounts, she is well worth what she demands and has satisfied plenty of clients since she emerged on the scene in mid 2022. Besides being able to satisfy her clients in just about as enjoyable a way as any of them could expect, though she does rule out providing any A-level services, she has a delightfully relaxed manner, which puts even the most potentially nervous of clients at ease. All in all, a truly professional escort in every sense of the word.

A very attractive tall blonde with an enhanced figure in her late twenties

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