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Bunnies Ranch

Details: Bunnies Ranch

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01202 259022
A detached house in Charminster
Town / City:
Opening hours:
Most days 11am-9pm
Basic cost:
£60 for 30 mins
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

Operating since late 2016, the Bunnies Ranch operates from the rear of a property in a pleasant part of the town, but has had a chequered history, with a gentleman dying on the premises, which led to the proprietor ending up in court. They have put that incident behind them, but have gathered few reviews of any consequence, though they clearly boasts some attractive ladies. So, if you decide to visit it, it would be as well to pick a lady who shows some interest in attending to you, if you want to have even a remote chance of a satisfying encounter.

Various young ladies, mainly from Eastern Europe

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