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Details: Brooke

07376 294149
A discreet flat near Burton Road
Town / City:
Opening hours:
Most of the time by appointment
Basic cost:
£60 for 30 mins
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

Originally working in Nottingham and a lady who describes herself as a MILF, Brooke is a capable lady, knowing what is expected of her and she has generally delivered an acceptable service, with most of her clients appreciative of her talents. When one arrives, once the financial formalities are out of the way, she embarks on making her client feel very comfortable and then sets to work on him, not really giving him much of chance to do anything else but submit and she does it with such panache, that he generally feels all he needs to do is lie back and let her do all the work, while he simply enjoys it. A true pro who welcomes cross dressers, has a strap-on for men who into more submissive activities and is generally as obliging as one could hope for.

A busty raven-haired lady in her forties

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