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Mistress Hellena

Details: Mistress Hellena

[Javascript protected email address]
07980 988993
A converted barn in the country just outside Huddersfield
Town / City:
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Appointments are possible most days with enough notice
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

A most attractive lady who bears more than a passing resemblance to the model and actress Lauren Hutton, Mistress Hellena is one of the most notable dommes in the entire country. A lady who believes in pacing herself, she sees no more than three different clients per day, Mistress Hellena has not only the most detailed and comprehensive website, I have ever come across in my research, but two other equally informative websites, one a members site and one detailing her regular trips to Amsterdam where she also works. And Mistress Hellena is first and foremost concerned that her slaves have a totally satisfying experience whilst in her company and invariably takes the trouble to ascertain in advance precisely what any potential slave is looking for in a session. Certain obvious services including any sexual services are off limits, but once you have filled in your lengthy questionnaire, sorted out the appropriate fee and had your introductory discussion, she will take you on a journey to your inner subconscious and then back again. Interestingly she is now doing a lot of training and mentoring people interested in entering the profession, as well as couples and individuals interested in the scene purely on an amateur basis.

A statuesque beautiful blonde in her early forties.