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Mistress Elektra

Details: Mistress Elektra

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07791 918776
A dungeon between Sutton & Cheam train stations
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Mon-Fri 11am - 8pm & Sat Noon - 7pm with 24 hours notice
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George's Overview

McCoy's View:

Operating since at least mid 2011, Mistress Elektra holds regular forced bi parties at her dungeon and even when seeing slaves alone has a distinctly unique style of domination boasting an excellent range of equipment at her dungeon, ideal for everything from CBT to suspension. She also boasts a bondage bed, something I have not come across elsewhere and has had copious favourable comments posted on her skill at maintaining the tension yet demanding total submission from her slaves during any session.

A tall, curvy dark redhead in her early forties

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Kinky male

The premises:

Very clean and tidy apartment and fully equipped dungeon.

Appearance of lady:

Attractive hard looking mistress who is tall with a powerful appearance in extreme high heels! Pure eye candy and a very perverse mind!!

Personality of lady:

Outgoing and seems to love being a dominatrix!

Services provided:

Domination service. Read review.

The experience:

Mistress Elektra

I have often enjoyed the attraction that other shoppers have by seeing a Mistress at my side dressed in a long black leather trench coat and six inch spiked stiletto heeled boots walking around a supermarket searching for all sorts of items that can be used in a session.

I guess in most cases that people must think that we are just a kinky couple doing the shopping but they will be shocked if they knew what was really going on!! If only they knew that I was walking around with a thick dildo up my slutty arse strapped in tightly at Mistress Elektra's request before-hand !! It can get very uncomfortable considering I have over an hours drive to have the pleasure of being in Mistress Elektra's company ! But I am told its good practice of what to expect later! Mistress Elektra's heels make an amazing sound on the hard marble floor in the supermarket which always makes my cock hard. Mistress Elektra is 6 2" plus tall in her spiked heeled boots and turns heads because of this sound.Its such a turn on because it's all about SEX ! But it's BDSM sex and she ALWAYS does the fucking which I am sure would make those people staring at her think twice !
Holding the basket I was told in a rather aggressive manner to get the biggest cucumbers that I could find and a big bottle of hair conditioner which is going to used for arse lube as my arsehole was going to be ruined once again until she was satisfied!! As we passed the shampoo section full of bottles of all shapes and sizes Mistress Elektra stopped and studied what was on display. She turned to me and asked me which one do I prefer and I responded that my hair is of a dry type!! She gave me such a filthy look and walk up close to me and slapped me hard in the face as people watched and said "Not for your fucking hair you pathetic cunt it's to shove up your fucking arse"... She looked closely again and took a thick bottle off the shelf and waved it in my face!! & "This is what you will take you pussy arsed slut" , throwing it in the basket and heading off down the isle looking for more implements for play!! We stopped again and we were at a section where there were barbecue sticks and metal clamps for turning meat over. "Hmmmm. I will have them too", Mistress Elektra said and also put them in the basket.

I did not ask what the hell those we're going to be used for!!! Mistress Elektra moved off once again with me closely behind as always so a can admire such a powerful woman walking towards the checkout in those ball busting boots .
We arrived at the checkouts and Mistress Elektra told me to hand her the basket . On doing so she began to remove the thick and long cucumbers and stocked it up and down and saying "This is going right up your fucking arse" ... She placed it down again and the shop assistant went stoney faced and started to remove the other items from the basket and I think the checkout assistant did not know what the Hair conditioner was for !!
As we walking over to my car carrying the grocery bag I was told to stop which I did. " Is your arse sore slut? " I was asked. "Yes, Mistress Elektra", I responded as the dildo has been up my arse for two hours !!
"Good now bend over", Mistress Elektra said. I bent over in the middle of the carpark and I was kicked hard in the arse !!! I got such a pain with the dildo being up my arse that I almost fell over !! Mistress Elektra laughed and walked on to the car!!
Once we got to her apartment I was stripped naked and collared with a heavy chain attached and pulled around on all fours like a dog!
Mistress Elektra squatted over a doggy bowl and pissed into it and pull me up to it and force my head into the hot piss and told me to drink it all up while kicking me in the ribs, legs and buttocks.
Then I was dragged over to the rubber mat on the floor and the shit covered dildo was removed from my arse and shoved down my throat!! "Eat your shit your fucking pathetic cunt" Mistress Elektra said aggressively !! She then began removing the cucumbers from the shopping bag and sat on my back and proceeded to ruin my arsehole shoving the cucumbers in hard and deep without any lube !!
My arsehole after an hour of abuse was properly ruined then moved on to my balls using her ball busting heels that I am sure Mistress Elektra was trying to kick the cum from out of my balls as this turns her on so much!!! Once the intense ball busting was over she strapped on her biggest black strapon cock and fucked me hard chained over her stool so I could not move!! That cock is a monster but I am properly trained and ruined now to take cock like that.
I was then instructed to move behind her and push my cock in-between her boots and start fucking as Mistress Elektra clasped my cock tightly in between her stiletto boots. I started fucking her boots as she whipped my cockhead as it appeared through on the thrusting stroke and burst my cum all over the rubber floor covering and Mistress Elektra's boots.
"Now fucking clean my boots with your tongue and make sure you clean your mess up from the floor too" Mistress Elektra demanded !! This was not an easy task as I was continuously slapped as I tried to clean her boots and kicked as I was licking up my cum from the rubber floor covering !! "How does it feel slut to have your mouth tasting of shite and cum??" Mistress Elektra asked .. "I feel that I have been used and abused Mistress Elektra" I responded . "Indeed you have because you are mine you pathetic cunt!!!!!!" Mistress Elektra responded... "Yes Mistress... Indeed I am!!!" I replied.




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